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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Glass Nickel on Atwood (4.0, $$)

Wow, I apologize for the extremely late post and lack of subsequent posting all because of my procrastination. However, I assure you that we have continued to sample, take notes/pics, and judge on a regular basis. So let's get on with it.

So we (Patrick, Abby, Liz, and I) visited The Glass Nickel on Atwood on a suggestion to taste their bloody mary. We arrived well past midnight to find, to our pleasant surprise, that they were still open and willing (and very much able) to accommodate our thirst for our lovely, red concoction. This was definitely a homemade recipe mixed with some personal flare. The reason I say this is that they had their own mix, but the there is most likely some variation between preparers. She started off with the usual suspects: Worcestershire, pepper, celery salt (which, BTW, she claimed was the 'key' ingredient in any bloody), and horseraddish. The kicker, however, was the addition of what I believe was Guiness! I was again pleasantly surprised to see this and had never seen it added before. This may also be a source of uniqueness from bartender to bartender. The tomato mix was then added, mixed, and then topped off with a garden of garnishes (see pic). In the end, the bloody mary was very delicious and well-prepared, especially for a Friday night midnight snack! My rating is a 4.0 but with caution since it may not be consistent and dependent on the bartender.

To add, I overheard a couple next to us that a key ingredient in their bloody mary was white pepper. I have yet to use it, but it certainly sounds worth investigating!

Monday, February 22, 2010

The Coopers Tavern

Recently we went to the Old Fashioned to try their bloody mary (best so far!!). After that wonderful and delicious experience we were in the mood for another bloody mary so we went to The Coopers Tavern (20 West Mifflin Street) just down the road. When we walked in we were really excited by the rustic decor. It is really beautiful inside and the atmosphere is very inviting. There is even a room where you can sit which no one can see you and the bartender hands you your drinks through your very own window. We sat down and immediately ordered pretzel's and our bloody mary's. The pretzels were really delicious and we wanted another order of them.

Abby, Miguel, and I ordered a bloody mary each. We were dissapointed when the bartender made them individually because they all tasted very different from each other. Mine had a little too much worcestershire sauce. We wish they would make a mix so that they would be consistent and you know what you were getting every time. I did, however, enjoy my garnish of pickle, olive, mushroom, and onion. Actually I didn't enjoy the mushroom and onion but I was happy they made the effort. I would come back to this place because the ambiance was great, but I would not order a bloody mary. Also the bartenders were rude and would not let us order from the bar when our server got too busy. This bloody mary gets a score of 2.0.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Well, due to the super bowl, and Miguel and Liz's 1st anniversary, we did not make it out for Bloody Mary Sunday.
So, it is not surprising that it is only Tuesday and I am already anticipating a tasty tomato beverage on Sunday with great friends. I have had two recent suggestions that I am hoping for some blogger opinion on...
Sardines or Naughty Gal????

In addition to the other Old Fashion posts, my spicy bloody mary, was FANTASTIC! A true 5.0.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Old Fashioned

Last week we ventured to the Old Fashioned which touts itself as a place representative of all fare Wisconsin. Needless to say, bloody marys are a trademark drink to this fine state whether imbibed for breakfast or brunch as a delicious liquid snack or a tasty hangover cure. With these two factors in mind, the Old Fashioned had much to live up to...and it did!

Upon arriving and waiting for Patrick and Abby, Liz and I sat at the bar and watched as other bloody marys were prepared. To my surprise, the only thing that the bartenders added were the garnishes which are different depending on the type of bloody mary ordered (they have a wide variety to choose from). Upon asking the bartender how their mix was prepared, I was told that not only did they not know the contents but that the cooks were the only ones who prepared the mix. This is truly a testament to their dedication since consistency is key when trying to assign a lasting and representative rating.

Once we were all there and seated, we sat down to look at their bloody mary options. The three of us each ordered something different. I ordered the Old Fashioned Bloody Mary with the spicy option which uses pepper infused vodka. This bloody is garnished with a large slice of beef jerky, a deviled egg, and cheese curds. A beer chaser is also offered.

Without knowing the components of the mix, one can only hope to see and taste the ingredients. At first glance, it is obviously loaded with horse radish from the look of the mix. Upon tasting this bloody, I was extremely impressed. It was well balanced in regards to Worcestershire, vodka, spice, and horse radish. I'm sure there may have been other key components but to sum it all up...this bloody was perfectly balanced and tasted phenomenal. My best compliment is that I didn't even have to add any further spice or pepper to adjust it to my liking. It was perfect.

One final note, we were all truly impressed with our bloody, so much so that we debated whether we could assign it a 5.0. I have to say that it's the best bloody I have had in this town, so far, so it truly deserves a 5.0. All other bloody marys have much to live up to.

Miguel Dominguez

Monday, January 25, 2010

The Old Fashioned

Last Sunday we decided to head to the Old Fashioned because they are rumored to have an amazing bloody mary. We were pleasantly surprised to see they had a bloody mary menu! I ordered the Old Fashioned Bloody Mary. It was the tastiest mix I have had yet. All of the flavors were blended perfectly, but they did warn us it was a little heavier on the horseradish. The bloody mary definitely had more horseradish, but it also had a citrus taste which balanced out all of the other ingredients, I suspect it was lemon juice. We also got a beer chaser, which we believe was PBR. I definitely finished this bloody the fastest. It was very refreshing. Abby absolutely loved her house spicy bloody mary, and she wanted to rate it a 4.999999, but we agreed on the score of 4.5. I wish I had more garnish in my bloody mary but I was able to steal some from Miguel's, which he will blog about next. The Old Fashioned is a bloody mary you must try. Price was $6-8.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Should we go to The Old Fashioned or Come Back In this Sunday?


Last Sunday, Liz, Miguel, Patrick and I went in yet another search for the best bloody mary in Madison. Intrigued by the brightly painted pink building, we headed to Talula on Madison's eastside. Walking into the building, we were immediately impressed with the mexican/modern/eclectic decor - I'm probably not doing the style justice, so check it out for yourself! We sat down at the large, comfy bar and ordered a round of Bloody Marys. The bartender told us that the mix was homemade, however it would be different each time, as each bartender puts their own spin on the mix. The Bloody was garnished with a pickle and couple green olives. Liz and I took and sip and both thought it was great. Miguel took a sip and said there was too much worcestershire sauce. After a few more tastes, I was on board with Miguel and actually found myself unable to finish the very meaty tasting drink. Miguel asked for Tabasco sauce and the bartender gave us a plastic bottle filled with what she called "cheap hot sauce". Whatever it was, it was not good. If this drink would have been served almost anywhere else, I would not go back, but because of the decor and good vibes (and the chance of a different mix), I will probably give it another shot, most likely in the summer for brunch on their great outdoor patio!

We give the bloody mary a rating of 2.0.

Oh yes, Liz would kill me if I failed to mention their guacamole dip, which she thought was fabulous. While that was the only item we tried, their menu looked good.

802 Atlas Ave.
Madison, WI

*Not a great bloody, but stellar atmosphere - worth trying again.*